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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hells Canyon Resort - Clarkston, Washington

Hell's Canyon Resort is a Marina, RV Park, Wedding venue and has a motel down the street.  This is a beautiful park that is so well maintained that is looks brand new!

The web site is also nice, but as shown in our last blog post, the text and links are too small to be easily read.

We have begun the process to format the site for use on phones and tablets. Here is the result for the home page. 

Now, mature RV travelers can use their phones to see the park, it's description and easily click on links to all web pages.  The site uses Responsive Web Design, meaning that the same content is reformatted for any device.

Come to Clarkston, stay at Hell's Canyon Resort and you will enjoy your stay.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On the Road Again - Making RV Park Web Sites Mobile Friendly

2016 was atypical for our travels.  After 9 1/2 years of moving often, staying at most one month in one location, we spent 7 months at Golden Village Palms RV Resort in Hemet, California.  We needed to stay put to complete the hand off of the last of our 138 accounting software clients that we had nurtured for 39 years! During this time we have not posted to this blog for lack of time.

Now our time is freed up to once again travel at will. We continue into the 40th year of our computer software business. Our focus now is 100% on web site design and our specialty is RV park web sites.  As we travel through North America we continue to visit new parks, now numbering 398.  We don't stay at run-down parks.  If we find a nice park with a less than stellar web site, we offer our services.

Here is an example of, a park we are currently contracting with.

Currently a mature RV traveler would have a difficult time viewing this site.  And perhaps they would move on to a different park site that is easier to see and navigate.

So, as an RV traveler, why should you care about the changes we are making to such park sites?  If you did not stay at this park because of the difficulty in viewing, you would miss out on a fantastic park!  It has wide concrete sites, beautiful grass, an indoor pool, reasonable rates, all right on the Snake River.

With our work and that of many other web design companies, eventually you, the RV traveler, will have better information at your fingertips. And that will make your life better!