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Monday, September 7, 2015

Favorite Photos #12 Hoover Dam, Northern California

We have traveled full time for nine years covering all US states and five Canadian provinces.  We have stayed at over 500 places and posted photos of 328 RV parks and campgrounds.

Now we are slowing our traveling pace and will be staying for two to three months at several places during the fall and winter.  But we don't want to slow the pace of our Big Rig Bible postings. So we bring you our Favorite Photo collections.

This is our twelve posting of favorite photos and we are only into 2007, so we can bring you more photos every week out of our total selection of over 79,000 snapshots.  Every photo shown is un-retouched, not even cropped. Rather than tweaking the photos to show how really cool we are, we present them as is to show how really awesome God is!  Enjoy.

See the entire collection at Favorite Photos #12

Love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

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