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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Big Rig Bible History

This week we begin a series of posts explaining our Full Time Motorhome Living web site, Big Rig Bible.

Created in 2008 this site is a complete "bible" or encyclopedia about full time RV travel.  It is "big rig" as it describes life in our 41 foot 2006 Monaco Diplomat Class A diesel pusher.  However, 90% of the site information pertains to any type of RV from pickup camper, trailer, 5th wheel or class A,B and C gas motorhomes. 

Our goal with this site is to provide the newbie all the basic information they need to research, buy and enjoy the full time RV life style. See Big Rig Bible History.

We always appreciate comments, especially those that encourage us to expand the site adding new information, features and photos.

Pete & Ellen

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