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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We just published our newest web site: TellMeDailyYour Life Scheduler.

TellMeDaily will hold all the events of your life. Tasks, Shopping Lists, Recurring Events and Scheduled Vehicle Services.  It is so quick and simple to add events. You can enter them on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. And you will have access from any device with your UserName and Password.

This amazing web site will revolutionize your life.  Be anywhere and instantly add a note on your phone and never forget again.

Never forget a payment, a doctor's appointment, a birthday, a anniversary or anything.

Simple, powerful, quick and fun.

Get your membership today at TellMeDaily  Note that active members of qualify for a free TellMe membership.

Let us know how you used it to control your hectic life.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Favorite Photos #12 Hoover Dam, Northern California

We have traveled full time for nine years covering all US states and five Canadian provinces.  We have stayed at over 500 places and posted photos of 328 RV parks and campgrounds.

Now we are slowing our traveling pace and will be staying for two to three months at several places during the fall and winter.  But we don't want to slow the pace of our Big Rig Bible postings. So we bring you our Favorite Photo collections.

This is our twelve posting of favorite photos and we are only into 2007, so we can bring you more photos every week out of our total selection of over 79,000 snapshots.  Every photo shown is un-retouched, not even cropped. Rather than tweaking the photos to show how really cool we are, we present them as is to show how really awesome God is!  Enjoy.

See the entire collection at Favorite Photos #12

Love, Pete, Ellen and Mandy

Sunday, August 16, 2015

7 New RV Parks

On our recent swing through Northern California and Southern Oregon, we visited seven RV parks that were not on BigRigBible.  We have added these parks to the web site, which now has 380 RV parks, campgrounds and Elks lodges across North America.

We began BigRigBible in November of 2008. Since that time we have posted photos from every park and list hookups, extras, ratings and current weather.

After seeing our photos of a park, you can then use our link to the park's web site. Our photos will look like theirs for the nicer parks.  But for others, you may wonder when and where their photos were taken! Our goal is to provide realistic photos of what you can expect.

We also rate the parks, from 1 to 5, see Ratings.   Our ratings generally reflect on how much we enjoy spending time at the RV site. We enjoy pools and spas and this may influence our rating. But normally we don't not change the rating based on facilities as you may not care about the same things we do. From the park's web site you can also see what facilities or activities they have.  We don't consider the surrounding area unless this park might be walking or a short distance to some attraction versus driving distance from another park.

To see our newest parks and all others we have visited, link to RV Parks we have Visited.

Please comment and let us know what you think of our park pages.

In His service, Pete & Ellen

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Big Rig Bible History

This week we begin a series of posts explaining our Full Time Motorhome Living web site, Big Rig Bible.

Created in 2008 this site is a complete "bible" or encyclopedia about full time RV travel.  It is "big rig" as it describes life in our 41 foot 2006 Monaco Diplomat Class A diesel pusher.  However, 90% of the site information pertains to any type of RV from pickup camper, trailer, 5th wheel or class A,B and C gas motorhomes. 

Our goal with this site is to provide the newbie all the basic information they need to research, buy and enjoy the full time RV life style. See Big Rig Bible History.

We always appreciate comments, especially those that encourage us to expand the site adding new information, features and photos.

Pete & Ellen

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Grand Canyon South and North

The Grand Canyon is truly amazing.  The South Rim is quickly accessible, just 60 miles north of Williams, Arizona.  Grand Canyon Trailer Village offers full hookups including cable TV. So you can enjoy the canyon by day and snuggle up in your RV in the winter.

The North Rim takes a bit more work to visit. It is 146 miles from St. George, Utah or 209 miles from Flagstaff, Arizona.  While it took us until 2011 to get there, it was well worth it.

See the details at North Rim Grand Canyon

Happy Trails,

In His service, Pete & Ellen

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Favorite Photos

                                                                                                (As of May 3, 2015)

Big Rig Bible contain Weekly Travelogues detailing our travels in all 50 states and 5 Canadian provinces.  When we stay a one location and have exhausted all the local stories, we present Favorite Photos to fill in the voids.

We have taken 77,151 photos since August 2006. While we are computer experts, we are not professional photographers like our daughter MelissaJeanPhotography. But with today's "prosumer" cameras like our Sony CyberShot DSC-HX200V anyone can get amazing pictures.

To create our Favorite Photos collections, we review our cache of snapshots and look for those that stand out.  We do not crop or modify the photos with one exception. If the photo was taken in dim lighting, we do enhance it to brighten the colors.

Here is sample photo from each of our Fav's and a link to see all.

Each collection contains 20 to 30 photos. Enjoy them and we look forward to your comments.

Love, Pete & Ellen

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to Become a Real Texan

If you are a full time RV traveler, you have the opportunity to choose which state will be your "domecile".  This is the state where you will pay your taxes, vote, license your vehicles and get your insurance.

South Dakota, Texas and Florida are known the be the three best domecile states for RVers.  We have have been residents of South Dakota for four years. This year we moved to Texas as South Dakota health insurance companies would not give us a health policy that could be used outside of South Dakota.

So once again we researched and learned how to move to a new state.  Get the lowdown at How to Become a Real Texan.