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Friday, November 28, 2014

Go Where you Want, Sort Of!

A beautiful thing about living full time in your motorhome is not having a planned path or schedule.  This allows you to plan your direction and take time along the way to see things that others tell you about.

We planned our way from Redding, California to Arcata to Brookings, Oregon to Florence, Bend and onto Marsing, Idaho.  We made some route adjustments along the way.

The weather was nice and hot in Redding . . .

...  and nice in Arcata.

But Brookings was way to cold so we headed to Grants Pass which was perfect. Ellen had noticed, while in Brookings,  a blind spot in her left eye. In Grants Pass we had it checked out.  It was a macular hole. The macula is a lining in the center of the retina. It gives you your central vision and hers was obscured.

Fortunately we were just three blocks from one of Southern Oregon's finest retina specialists, Dr. Rinkoff, who performed the emergency surgery.

So we adjusted our route again spending the next two months in Medford and Redding as Ellen's eye recovers.

This kind of incident would ruin your vacation, but for fulltimers it is just a new home for a season.  Learn more at Southern Oregon Side Trip

Pete.Ellen Mattson

Lassen Volcanic National Park

From Bubbling Pots to Plug-Dome Volcanoes

We have never heard from anyone about Lassen National Park. In fact we did not know the real name is Lassen Volcanic National Park.  As we left our daughter's home in Paradise, California, Lassen was a short jaunt.

We were very surprised and pleased with our decision to visit.  The park is full of dormant volcanoes, boiling springs, mud pots, steam vents, trees and mountains galore.  The park encompasses 165 square miles, has 200 hundred natural lakes and hundreds of miles of hiking trails.

We visited in early September. The weather was beautiful and the crowds few. We only had the squirrels to keep us company.

We could only stay for the weekend as there is no cell service and we need to be accessible by our clients. 

This is a great park to hike, relax and enjoy beauty as God created it.  See more at Lassen Volcanic National Park

Pete.Ellen Mattson