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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

ORI - Outdoor Resort Indio, The Ultimate Motorcoach Resort

The Coachchella Valley is beautiful.  What was an arid and sandy desert is now lush, probably with more landscaping per square mile than any other resort area in the world, including Hawaii.

Outdoor Resorts Indio (ORI) ups the ante in the neighborhood with flowers, trees, grass, shrubs and water features covering every square inch of the resort.

Living here gives you the feeling that you are in motorcoach heaven with endless beauty. More importantly the resort is filled with like-minded motorcoach owners who are engaged in the myriad of activities that abound.

Golf, tennis, pickleball, dinners, shows, sport car outings, motorcycle trips, classes, dinners with friends in their outdoor kitchens, swimming, walking, the list is endless.  If you are bored at ORI, it is because you want to be!

To learn more and see more of ORI visit Outdoor Resorts Indio, California

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  1. 10 piece Patio dining set for sale $150.00
    Call Mario @ 408-804-0175 or come by Lot #247